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This blog is chaos at the moment because the export from blogger

has gone a little off track…Hopefully ill get the hang of this service soon.

Iam backing up my Exopolitics-Aotearoa.blogspot account here because it seems that Google is not to be trusted…


This is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen.

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Checkout the reaction of the animals in the neighborhood!

Here is the only other similar Image I could find in a hurry, Also Unexplained !

Follow down the page to the More Mystery Smoke Rings story.

Today at school we studied Aliens……up close.

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Some more details from a famous case involving many children at a school in Zimbabwe (1994).

Transnational corporations and UFO secrets….

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“Researchers are looking in the wrong place. It’s in the archives of transnational corporations that the real X-Files are found.”

Michael Salla

And supported by Richard Dolan
Here is his analysis on the structure of the US Shadow government.

Very Informative reading…

Timothy Good…..Need to Know.

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George Knapp Interviews Timothy Good on Coast.

Timothy Good is my favourite UFO Author of all time.

Above top secret, Alien Liaison, Need to Know and many more- All 5 star material !


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Censorship… much for "Don’t be Evil "…..

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And as for Delicious not uploading my Furl exported links and now ignoring my emails, WTF is up with that ?
 Couldn’t handle the Jandal with all the 911-question links eh ?

Delicious………….more like Duplicitous !