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A more in depth look at STS-48 NASA mission footage….

Posted in Nasa, space war, sts48 on November 25, 2008 by peter345

If you have not seen this documentary….then prepare for some serious consciousness expansion !

Posted in coverup, exopolitical implications, Nasa, the smoking gun, ufo truth on September 13, 2008 by peter345

An oldie, but certainly a goodie 

Enjoy !

Billion Dollar Secret

Posted in 2008 ufo crash, aurora, black budget, boyd bushman, Nasa, nick cook on August 14, 2008 by peter345

Another Fantastic Nick Cook Investigation into the fringes of the ultra secret “black budget” world of defence technology. Nick has a great no-nonsense style and really puts in the mileage to pursue a story. This investigation certainly takes him way beyond what he may have anticipated and generates far more questions than it answers- which I think is the mark of a good Investigation.

Includes interviews with/about Boyd Bushman, Jim Marrs, The Aurora project and witnesses of Cattle mutilations in Colarado.

Originally screened on Discovery Channel –

Here’s the google video version (also on YT but in 8 parts)

Nasa and the amazing pulsating zigzaging paint debris

Posted in july 2008, Nasa, Shuttle, ufo video on August 12, 2008 by peter345

Somebody at NASA needs to brush up on their celestial mechanics ! The object in the following video is described as “probably paint debris from the shuttle “

Yeah right……..

I wonder if Astronauts have to take special classes to learn how to Asto Bull Shit !
Here is video of said “Paint debris “notice that it pulsates rhythmically and changes direction several times.

Must be Magic Space shuttle wonder paint !