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Whispers radio interview Dr Michale Salla….

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UFO over Barrack Obama Speech in Hendersoon Nevada Nov. 1, 2008

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 Well, he did say “There may be…Ahh…some other folks  on the way” ? (last 5 seconds of the debate with Kucinich when asked The Aliens question”

That pronouncement in the following clip. 

The body language is interesting- We need some reverse speech analysis also !

The Eighteenth Disclosure Witness…….LAYING IT All OUT…. !

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 Oh for a few months in the  Vatican Library !
Some of those Jesuits must be in possession of Mind blowing Knowledge……?

Alien artifacts discovered underneath crop circles (old tv clip)

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BBC october 14th UFO update…..

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I must admit this one has me really Intrigued…..

Is it a BBC October 14Th hoax ?  
Is it part of a wider UFO Dis info  meme ?
Is it part of a progressive disclosure project ?
Is it a Bird ?
Is it a plane ?
Is it a Blue beam shakedown run ? (I’m kidding….I think..)
In case you found it hard to spot in my earlier post, Ive made a couple of slow mo versions.
(Also an ATS member has pointed out that you can see a shadow cross one of the buildings in the top left of the screen)
I have not been able to find any better quality video yet….. so this  is all I have at the moment.
25% of normal speed

5% of normal speed


October 14 ufo in BBC Financial clip ?

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From Youtube User Atser2008

(No I’m not talking about a mothership, but still interesting !)

What do you think…… ?

If it is an ET ship…I like their style…. Slide right through the London financial district giving the intergalactic “bird” to corrupt Bankers and Corporations.

If I am grasping the notion correctly, I’m thinking this would exemplify what Alfred Webre describes as the context communication theory of UFO sightings.

Unfortunately because of the transfer process used(filming off the screen) it makes examining this video a little tricky, I’m going to see if I can find a better version and of course to scourer for any Oct 14 “sightings”

First contact discussed in an old UFO documentary

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Will Aliens make themselves Known ?