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Energy, seeing the Light…

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Pentagon Ufo’s by William Lyne (PDF)

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Is the electrodynamic technology William Lyne calls “Electropulsion” ; real ? His book, “Occult Ether Physics”, is a (non-fiction) re-discovery of what he believes to be the scientific/technical basis for a space-propulsion system invented in the late 19th century by Nikola Tesla, now used in the secret, exclusively man-made flying machines known as “flying saucers” or “UFOs”. The government conceals this invention behind false scientific theories, “space alien” hoaxes, and false propaganda, disseminated through a controlled mass media. A “UFOlogy”, “new-age”, “paranormalist” , and “pseudo-debunker&quo t; network is criminally maintained under “national security laws”, to blur the facts of reality and disjoint inquiry, thus protecting the archaic technology and resources of coercive-monopolist, corporate-state interests from the competition of a truly free market

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(I might add that I think the above scenario  is only part of a bigger picture, IE some UFOs are of Alien/Inter dimensional origin. Anyway it sounds like it might be an interesting read !