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BBC october 14th UFO update…..

Posted in 2008 ufo crash, October 14th bbc ufo slowmo version, UFO hoax ? on October 23, 2008 by peter345

I must admit this one has me really Intrigued…..

Is it a BBC October 14Th hoax ?  
Is it part of a wider UFO Dis info  meme ?
Is it part of a progressive disclosure project ?
Is it a Bird ?
Is it a plane ?
Is it a Blue beam shakedown run ? (I’m kidding….I think..)
In case you found it hard to spot in my earlier post, Ive made a couple of slow mo versions.
(Also an ATS member has pointed out that you can see a shadow cross one of the buildings in the top left of the screen)
I have not been able to find any better quality video yet….. so this  is all I have at the moment.
25% of normal speed

5% of normal speed