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Exopolitical Cocktail recipe….

Posted in Alfred webre, government cover up, Jim Marrs, ufo secrets on September 11, 2008 by peter345
Take a large measure of Jim MarrsRule by Secrecry and Crush,

Gently pour and stir in some Alfred Webre and Stephen Bassett on Exopolitics radio.
Frost and rim with some fresh Grant Cameron FOIA releases
Blend and garnish with an 800% increase in ufo sightings and then
Serve………….. in your first term in office ?

Now that’s what I call a Refreshing Cocktail !

(No hangover as the truth is detoxifying.)

Here are some of the Individual Ingredients to get you going….

NOTE (Ive had to re insert another video as that you tube account got deleted,lets see how long this one lasts !) Sorry about the “Punisher BS at the beginning of each clip !)

Exopolitics Stephen bassette interview` go to season 4 episode 3 and 4

I’m sure you can find the rest !