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Paul Kimball discusses the Condon Report at Retro UFO 3 and a rant…..(From me)

Posted in condon report, disinfo, Paul kimball on November 17, 2008 by peter345

Ive been diving into some alternate areas of UFO hypothesis lately in my exploration of this topic and although I haven’t posted any of this stuff, it is ringing in the back of my mind (or is that just the Whine from the Disinformation Mechanics ?) (Man some of them are Mean Arseholes-But maybe their just doing their Job..?)

anyway, I thought Id clarify my current position on the ET hypothesis explanation of UFOs

While I think some UFOs may be ET craft I’m not so sure anymore about all of them….I’m particularly intrigued by the Information singularity hypothesis of UFO appearances and have also not discounted possible Demonic influences (note- I’m not religious’-maybe too open minded sometimes ?) and Interdimentional visitors.

It’s all Aliens- just seems to simplistic sometimes…(and culturally contrived ?)

Maybe that’s not the best position to take considering this is meant to be an Exopolitics Blog- “The science of relationships between other ET civilisations and human civilisations” but I cant help where some of the ‘noosphere“takes me…

I’m learning that the UFO meme is a Minefield of twisted and convoluted conjectures that is very difficult to navigate..Its also hard to gauge who is trustworthy…

I’m not out to prove any particular thought form, just to promote the field, so that vastly superior minds to mine, may stumble upon this blog and be intrigued enough to follow it up for Themselves and start asking some questions.

I’m hoping I’m not spreading known disinformation-Although given we are all swimming in the same Cyber hole, coming into contact with patches of Disinfo slime is probably inevitable ?
(some of that shit is hard to spot and very Sticky !)

I also hope I’m not muddying the waters by loading up Information resources willy nilly, If you want orderly investigation…… follow some of the links !…. I’m a chaos kind of dude and that’s just the way I roll….

I post Annon because I work in a high profile profession and don’t currently want my hobby influencing my professional life. (Although this “hobby” is very important to me, even if I don’t know why !)

I don’t believe absolutely everything I post here, but I try and keep it as real as I can…The rest is up to the reader/viewer to sort out for themselves.

I know one thing for sure, no matter how much I learn……The questions always remain…..
maybe that’s the attraction….

That’s my little spiel….

Jeeeez, can you tell Ive had a bit of a Disinfo slap around ? lol