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Audio Interview with Legendary UFO investigator Jacques Vallee……

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presents a fascinating interview with one of the legends of the UFO field.

Topics discussed :: An in-depth examination of the problems with the ETH theory of UFOs, Vallee on contemporary Ufology & the media, and how UFO studies have changed over the last 20 years, a thorough look at a myriad of highlights and themes found in Messengers of Deception and the Alien Contact Trilogy, including UFO cults, social effects caused by belief in UFOs, science v. UFO studies, the sociology of Ufology

Jacques Vallee (MP3 A) (MP3 B)

An Excerpt from Messengers of Deception

The theory of space and time is a cultural artifact made possible by the invention of graph paper. If we had invented the digital computer before graph paper, we might have a very different theory of information today… what modern computer scientists have realized is that ordering by space and time is the worst possible way to store data… if there is no time dimension as we usually assume there is, we may be traversing incidents by association; modern computers retrieve information associatively… if we live in the associative universe of the software scientist rather than the Cartesian sequential universe of the spacetime physicist, then miracles are no longer irrational events… at a time when we are beginning to suspect that computer-based network communication may create altered states conducive to psychic functioning [my emphasis], a new type of physical experiment is becoming possible… these experiments would aim at probing the reality of information-handling by the brain through associative constructs. The SRI experiments with Swann and Price [my emphasis] suggest that remote viewing is based on an addressing scheme. Is it possible to promote coincidences and peculiar effects by systematically creating physical structures serving as information singularities ? Consciousness could be defined as the process by which informational associations are retrieved and traversed.”

Jacques Vallee,

This Quote also serves as the intro to UFOS IN THE AGE OF INFORMATION by Steve Mizrach

One of the Most Interesting and thought provoking pieces I have come across…