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Federation of Light on final approach….?

Posted in glowing light seen on the moon from nz, light on the moon, lunar orb, moon anomoly, ufoon the moon on October 12, 2008 by peter345

I caught a strange anomaly last night while I was filming the Moon, I was using a Sony HDD cam with 25x optical and 2000x digital zoom. I recorded about 10 minuets of it before I lost sight of it.

This was on the 11th of October 2008 at about 7.30 pm(shot from north Is, New Zealand)
I’m wondering if anybody else saw or filmed it in NZ ? (I couldn’t see it with just my eyes)
Unfortunately I didn’t have time to set up my 1500mm refraction scope for a better look, I’m at a loss to explain what I was seeing and I’m keen to hear some other opinions.
Here is a short clip of what I saw.
Look at the bottom edge of the Moon….