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A Bill Ryan Interview last year following up on the serpo saga….

Posted in bill ryan, disclosure disinformation, serpo on December 28, 2008 by peter345

I first caught up on the serpo story in a Mysterious universe podcast in 06. I was intrigued , but put off  after reading  around and finding  the general consensus  was “disinformation”.

I took about a 2 min look at the site and found a bit of a mix of things id heard before, I bookmarked it and pretty much forgot about it.
until yesterday…….
Id forgotten how this stuff “pulls you in”,  your left wanting more and more…. (never a good sign)
It may be disinformation – but that doesn’t stop it being one heck of a good read !
  Hmmmm drool…..
(I guess it’s the appeal of trying to figure out the truthful bits !)
but as Bill Ryan points out in this interview, you shouldn’t get too caught up in it all, cause there are plenty of other things afoot.
Like stephenville !
 and the questions Ryan poses…….
Part 2
 If youvé never checked  out serpo,  you might as well go and get it out of your system here.
Just remember what your reading….. and have fun !