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Transnational corporations and UFO secrets….

Posted in progressive disclosure, richard dolan, ufo secrecy on February 9, 2009 by peter345

“Researchers are looking in the wrong place. It’s in the archives of transnational corporations that the real X-Files are found.”

Michael Salla

And supported by Richard Dolan
Here is his analysis on the structure of the US Shadow government.

Very Informative reading…

Skynews catch up on last years Turkish UFO incident…

Posted in Mainstream ufo news, progressive disclosure, Turkish ufo, UFO hits wind turbine on January 26, 2009 by peter345

Thanks to user Herbert.

SKY News UFO Footage from Pontefract Conference 09

I’m finding the motivations of various Media outlets more intriguing than the UFO’s !

Is it just about ratings ?

Or does this new found interest in UFO’s represent something deeper …?

Maybe the wind turbine /UFO story  really wet their appetite, speaking of which, whats taking so long with the structural analysis ?
 If several of these “structural failures “occur around the world every year as reported by some media outlets, surely they must have the experience to figure it out pretty quickly…….So why the long wait ?
Here are Nick Popes thoughts over at the Louthleader (The local Newspaper in Lincolnshire-UK)
Interesting  to say the least !