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NSA,CIA -UFO related Documents……Ill be reading for days ! Not a bad list for something that "does not exist” !

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  1. “U.F.O. Files: The Untold Story” by Patrick Huyghe, 1.14 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  2. “Govt.’s Super-Secret Security Agency Warns: Take UFOs Seriously or Be Prepared for Sneak Invasion by Space Aliens” by Thomas L. Muldoon, National Enquirer, .34 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  3. “The U.S. Government and the Iran Case”– IUR Report, .44 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  4. “Report of U.F.O. Crash in ’47 Called False by Science Panel”– The New York Times, .39 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  5. “What the U.S. Government Knows About Unidentified Flying Objects” by Peter Gersten, Frontiers of Science, .48 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  6. “Is the CIA Stonewalling?” by Richard Hall, .47 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  7. “The Government and UFOs”, .47 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  8. “UFO As Advanced Technology”, .47 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  9. “French Government UFO Study”, .13 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  10. Communications Intelligence (COMINT) report – “XXXXX Unidentified Flying Objects”, .10 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  11. COMNAVSECGRU visual sighting report, .23 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  12. “Report Bibliography” issued by the Defense Documentation Center, .61 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  13. “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” by Captain Henry S. Shields, HQ USAFE/INOMP, .43 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  14. Joint Chiefs of Staff report concerning the sighting of a UFO in Iran on 19 September 1976, .58 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  15. Exploitation Report – A Fragment, Metal Recovered in the Republic of the Congo, 3.79 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  16. Navy report – Country: Cuba, Subject: UFO, .27 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  17. Routing and Transmittal Slip from Louis E. Foster, DIA with a DIA summary sheet and US Defense Attache report on the sighting of a UFO in Iran on 19 September 1976, .86 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  18. Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Flying Saucers Are a Myth, .76 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  19. Department of State report – Subject: Tunisian Firefall, .29 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  20. Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Celestial Body Observed over Antarctica, .22 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  21. Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Political Report for August 1965, .20 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  22. Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Unidentified Flying Objects, .23 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  23. Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Sighting of Object Possibly Originating from Space Vehicle, .20 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  24. Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Unidentified Flying Objects, .19 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  25. Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Unidentified Flying Objects Reported Over Angola, .21 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  26. Department of State AIRGRAM – Subject: Report of Unidentified Object Which Fell Near Municipio of General Teran, N.L., .21 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  27. American Embassy Tunis report – Subject: Unidentified Flying Objects, .07 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  28. Report from Air Force Special Security Office – Subject: (Unclassified) UFOB NEAC Area, 2.40 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  29. General Accounting Office Report to the Honorable Steven H. Schiff, House of Representatives – Government Records – Results of a Search for Records Concerning the 1947 Crash Near Roswell, New Mexico, 1.94 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  30. * Memorandum and Order – Citizens Against UFO Secrecy v. National Security Agency (Civil Action No. 80-1562), .19 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  31. “Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence” by Lambros D. Callimahos, 1.23 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  32. * “UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions”, .65 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  33. * “UFO’s and the Intelligence Community Blind Spot to Surprise or Deceptive Data”, .63 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  34. Memorandum for the Record – Subject: Information Request Solicitation, .41 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  35. United States Air Force Fact Sheet 95-03 – “Unidentified Flying Objects and Air Force Project Blue Book”, .15 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  36. Report of Air Force Research Regarding the “Roswell Incident”, 2.77 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  37. JANAP 146, .78 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
  38. Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages by H. Campaigne
  39. Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Howard H. Cam

And from the CIA






The list there goes on and on !


Dr Simeon Hein on remote viewing and other Very interesting stuff….A must watch !

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Dr Hein speaks about Remote viewing and the underlying structure of the universe/multiverse that allows for this ability to happen. He explains the sub quantum, fractal nature of reality and how crystals can utilise subtle energy fields to access universal non local Information. He describes us (humans) as liquid crystals able to tune into different frequencies of reality. (Of course we have been conditioned to not realise this ability !) He also discuses how fractal crystals are used as a skin on the TR3b to generate false radar signatures ! (I hadn’t heard that before now,worth checking out from other researchers findings on this !)

Very Educational !

All UFO footage is fuzzy ? I don’t think so….

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Now this, is an interesting development……!

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Here is the first paragraph from

Dr. Michael Salla: UFOs, Sovereignty and Politics

UFO ignorance is political rather than scientific”– that’s the conclusion of two prominent university professors who had the results of their research on UFOs published in the August 2008 edition of Political Theory. It was the first time a major political science journal had published an article dealing with the UFO phenomenon so it has predictably sparked controversy in the academic world.

you can read the rest of this news here at Alfred Webre’s

Wow !

Job discrimination for a belief in UFOs

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The story of Bob Dean.

And then in a separate interview by The ufo Road trip crew, he lays it out for all to hear.

ok,Ill admit he was a little over Qualified for the job !

Ron Paul paints a clear picture of current events and thus provides a backdrop for better Exopolitical understanding.

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So much chaos is going on right now in the world and that impacts on the Field of Exopolitics/ UFO disclosure (and of course every human being on this planet !). While I attempt to try and understand all this and make a little sense of it for myself, I find comfort in some clarity from people like Senator Ron Paul. He provides a simple and honest frame work so that geopolitical events can be better understood and Exopolitical events contextualised.

For any people who still question the truth that a secret world of behind the scenes deals and control exists, you should listen to what this great man has to say about our current global situation and what is driving it.

I’m remembering a principal which I reckon is good for us all.

When theres a lot of Noise, Boost the Signal !

The large Hadron collider and other dimensions

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I am not yet well read on any aspects of reported Interdimentional Intelligences/ contacts/Phenomena, but I have a natural leaning towards the idea of multiple dimensions through my interest in physics. For those that don’t follow this subject closely, you may not be aware of the significance that the large Hadron collider has for the verification of interdimensional¬†realities.

Physicist Lisa Randal does a much better job explaining than me.

And Michio Kaku on the shift into the Multiverse paradigm


You gotta love Infinity…..It just keeps getting bigger/better