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I guess Billy Cox (  nails it with “If CNN wanted to perform a public service, it wouldn’t have to dig back half a century. It could simply focus on the Stephenville, Tex., incident from January, where radar analysis by MUFON investigators caught the Air Force with its pants down in its inability to prevent a UFO from violating restricted airspace at President Bush’s Crawford ranch “

So very True

Ok so maybe he wasn’t “fired”, thats just their game ?

Miles O’brien….Fired from CNN because of Possible fossil on Mars ? or his UFO stories…..

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Was it this….

Or…. This

Or maybe this…

Apparently Richard Hoagland believes it’s the Mars fossil story… but Ive only seen one reference to this, so I don’t know if he does make that connection.

 Maybe they didn’t like the pace and direction their Science corespondent was taking !
Nice while it lasted…. !