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Maybe well get a visit from one of these……

Posted in 2008 ufo crash, french newspaper ufo images, hubble infrared telescope, October 14, Saturn spaceships on October 9, 2008 by peter345

I had heard rumours about some strange goings on around Saturn on Coast to Coast last year, but hadn’t really followed it up. Then this morning while I was thinking about the whole October the 14th thing whilst searching for something else, I stumbled upon an interesting post from May last year on ATS.

This photo, allegedly from the Hubble Telescope, is taken in Infrared and shows the rings around Saturn and a Large cylindrical object.
Then there are the images from a french newspaper that are allegedly from the Cassini probe
of the rings of Saturn and “Friends”

Then again if what we are seeing is genuine, these “crafts” are Mind bogglingly Enormous and
probably a little on the large side for a Mass first Contact with a nervous but hopeful humanity. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to spook everybody.

Maybe we shouldn’t assume their “craft” are “technologies” at all, They may not even be of a fundamentally materialistic nature, It could be a “globe of energies” of many different frequencies from higher dimensions and consciousness manifested in our space-time.
(From Higher dimensions outside of time,whatever that may actually turn out to be, asuming it exists at all ? )
Who knows ?
But not long to wait….til we all know for sure.
Will we get a visit 14th October………? maybe , maybe not
Wil we get a visit One Day……… Absolutely !