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UFO disclosure and the Obama administration…

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Richard Dolan- “Obama is not as much of an outsider as he’s been portrayed, and it’s possible he’s already been briefed about the UFO situation,  Not all presidents are briefed equally on the UFO issue, Clinton was rumored to have said “I know it’s real but they won’t tell me a damn thing.”

UFO Disclosure And Disinformation
Coast to Coast

Note- It takes a while before  it gets into the Richard Dolan stuff.



UFO over Barrack Obama Speech in Hendersoon Nevada Nov. 1, 2008

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 Well, he did say “There may be…Ahh…some other folks  on the way” ? (last 5 seconds of the debate with Kucinich when asked The Aliens question”

That pronouncement in the following clip. 

The body language is interesting- We need some reverse speech analysis also !