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Whispers radio interview Dr Michale Salla….

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These are the people who really control the UFO/ET truth embargo on this planet.

Ron Paul paints a clear picture of current events and thus provides a backdrop for better Exopolitical understanding.

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So much chaos is going on right now in the world and that impacts on the Field of Exopolitics/ UFO disclosure (and of course every human being on this planet !). While I attempt to try and understand all this and make a little sense of it for myself, I find comfort in some clarity from people like Senator Ron Paul. He provides a simple and honest frame work so that geopolitical events can be better understood and Exopolitical events contextualised.

For any people who still question the truth that a secret world of behind the scenes deals and control exists, you should listen to what this great man has to say about our current global situation and what is driving it.

I’m remembering a principal which I reckon is good for us all.

When theres a lot of Noise, Boost the Signal !