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A great overview of Exopolitics

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Michale Salla Author of Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence
discusses the fundamentals of Exopolitics and why he believes it’s so important.


Heroes of the past

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The story of James Forrestal, a US Secratary of defence who committed sucide after trying to go public on UFO’s.

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A quick post….

Stanton Friedman lays out the case for UFO’s as only he can.

Part 2

Whats this all about ?

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Well, I finally stopped uber procrastinating and started a UFO/Exopolitics Blog.
I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I guess I just want to present what I have found out
thus far and hear peoples opinion on this seemingly ‘Taboo ‘subject.

Whilst I would certainly classify my self as a “Believer” , I still occasionally suffer bouts of Skepticism, until I rationalise and realise that skepticism in the face of Overwhelming Evidence
is just plain Ignorance.

So, What do I do about it ?
Create a Blog !

I know,I Know just what the world needs, but I got to start somewhere.
If your a newbie to UFO’s and such, I strongly susgest YOU start Here.

If you have links to good quality Ufo/Exopolitics sites Id love to hear from you!

I probably should have posted this first !…..But I got so excited by the DR ED mitchell news
that It was my first post.

Wikipedia Exopolitics Censorship !

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Wow…..I have to say, I’m a little lost for words. I was in the middle of sorting out some links for this Blog and I thought I better provide a Wikipedia link for ‘Exopolitics and to my surprise….. it’s Gone ………. Removed by an Administrator !


Im not sure whats going on here, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time this sort of thing has happened and I’m sure it’s not the last.

I think they call that the Politics of Exopolitics ?


I also just did a quick Google vs Yahoo search for Exopolitics

Google Hits

255,000 for exopolitics. (0.18 seconds)


663,000 for exopolitics – 0.28 sec

What the…..Either Google isn’t the Wonder Pony it’s made out to be, or their is something Fishy going on ?

So much for Freedom of Information !

Maybe we’ve got a lot further to go than I thought !

I guess that’s why I started this Blog.

Edgar Mitchell UFO interview on Kerrang Radio 23 july 2008

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This news will probably come as no surprise to those Kiwis who follow the UFO’s /Exopolitics situation Dr Edgar Mitchell (7th man on the moon) has been talking about what he knows for a number of years, but his recent statements on a British radio show seem to have really taken off in the US main stream media. This along with the work by CNN’s Larry King seem to signal a new chapter in the pursuit of the ultimate question.
Tv 3 gave it about 30 seconds on Nightline and I don’t know about TVNZ
Id love to see Campbell live try a serious Exopolitics/UFO show and run some polls and opinions
to guage the feel of the country on this !
Anyway…. Im probably dreaming on that one

Here is the original radio broadcast and some follow up news coverage.

Nasa Response


Fox News

(taking a little more ‘Hostile’ Approach !)

If these revelations become part of an emerging “consensus reality”
and we all have to start dealing with a new paradigm,

my questions would be
How is the NZ government preparing to educate it’s public on this matter ?

Do they have a group or Individual who is responsible for this issue ?

If such a person or group exists-do they have any connection/mandate from the UN ?
Do they have a plan for how to deal with an ET disclosure situation ?
Should they have one ?
If they do…..I hope it’s not Winston Peters !
Heres what
Alfred Weber

DISCLOSURE about Extraterrestrial Civilizations (ETs);

DECADE OF CONTACT – Public funding of education research about et’s

DISARMAMENT – Ban space-based weapons and warfare in space.

DIPLOMACY with ethical ETs now visiting Earth.

He has an online petition
You can sign Here

Stay tuned ! it’s gonna be an interesting Ride !!